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Cool Expressions

How do you say "cool," as in "this video is cool," in Spanish? What is the best equivalent of this slangy English word meaning "good," "nice," or "great"? Let's find out.


In Mexico, people use padre and chido. While the use of padre is more generalized, chido is usually more popular among younger generations:

Y, y en cuanto la vi... No, ésta tiene que ser mía. -¡Qué padre!

And, and as soon as I saw it... No, this one has to be mine. -How nice!

Caption 34, Sergio en Monterrey - El ámbar mexicano

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...que está chido que estemos en Estados Unidos.'s great that we're in the United States.

Caption 47, Belanova - Entrevista - Part 3

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Of course, since Mexico has such a great diversity of people living across quite a vast territory, you'll find other similar expressions too. Conmadre (literally, "with mother") and suave (smooth) are good examples. You can hear suave in one of our videos from Monterrey, Mexico. This expression is not very common in that particular city though; the girl is a student from another state.

Aunque a veces sí está pesado, está muy suave porque se te van volando.

Although sometimes it is hard, it's very cool because they go flying by for you.

Captions 28-29, Yo estudio en el Tec - de Monterrey

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Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Perú, and Ecuador (mostly) use the word chévere:

¡Súper chévere que la... el hijo de uno diga "No, mi mamá es una chef"!

Very cool for one's child to say, "No, my mom is a chef!"

Caption 13, Misión Chef - 2 - Pruebas - Part 1

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In Colombia, a newer alternative to chévere is bacano (and bacán in Cuba, Perú, Chile):

Mi papá era un médico muy bacano, muy interesante.

My father was a very cool doctor, very interesting.

Caption 13, La Sub30 - Familias - Part 2

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In Spain, you'll hear guay:

Y realmente la improvisación fue... fue la clave. Era muy guay.

And really the improvisation was... was the key. It was very cool.

Captions 31-32, Blanca y Mariona - Proyectos para el verano

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In Argentina, people use copadomasa, groso:

Podemos sacar algo copado esta noche.

We can get something cool tonight.

Caption 87, Muñeca Brava - 7 El poema - Part 3

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¡Soy una masa!

I'm so cool!

Caption 69, Muñeca Brava - 7 El poema - Part 1

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Finally, we want to remind you that, no matter the culture, country, or language, slang words are inextricably linked to the identity of the people who use them. You can never be too respectful of that! In that spirit, it's always wise to learn more "neutral" alternatives to the use of a slang word, don't you agree? Genial and, to a certain extent, bárbaro are a good fit to express the idea of "cool" and be cool in Spanish:

¿Te parece que tus patrones se enojarán? -¡No, está bárbaro!

Do you think that your bosses would get mad? -No, it's cool!

Caption 16, Muñeca Brava 30 Revelaciones - Part 6

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¡Este grupo está genial!

This group is great!

Caption 27, Raquel - Expresiones para un festival de música.

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The superlative of bueno (good), buenísimo, is also a good alternative:

Bueno, buenísimo, como anillo al dedo.

Well, very good, it fits like a glove [literally: like a ring to a finger].

Caption 69, Muñeca Brava 9 Engaños - Part 8

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BTW: If you are not a purist, you could even go for "cool," just like that! Many Spanish speakers in the Americas use it a lot: Tienes un look muy cool ("You have a very cool look").


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